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        Guangzhou Pulisi Printing Technology Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the

        Focusing on customer needs, taking professional quality as the foundation and the talent team as the core.
        With the concerted efforts and dedication of all employees, since its establishment in 2012, it has become a leading brand in the industry in less than four years.

        Corporate Philosophy

        To popularize visual technology and ideas in order to guide the
        development and build industrial excellence

        Corporate Vision

        To improve life quality with visual technology

        Corporate Mission

        High-tech innovation, high-quality service, high-speed development

        Core Corporate Value

        To build a platform for the co-development of the employees
        To provide quality and satisfied services to our customers
        To improve the efficient life quality of the whole human beings

        Service Philosophy

        7*24 always available

        Working Philosophy

        To work happily and build wonderful life

        Quality Slogan

        Quality is the guarantee of reputation which is in turn the embodiment of quality

        Brand Philosophy

        Ultimate definition and excellent masterpiece