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        Visual inspection

        Printing and Packaging Industry, Food and Medical Label Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Communication Industry, Anti-counterfeiting Label Industry

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        Visual guidance

        Identify the feature points on the material, measure the geometric coordinates of the key points, guide the manipulator or motion actuator to move to the designated position and perform related operations

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        Visual localization

        Applications: Contour, clearance, outline, thickness, height, depth, edge, groove, angle, roundness, smoothness, deformation and other high-precision measurement

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        Deng Bai s Registered Certification Enterprise, Code: 543441731

        Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with artificial intelligence machine vision technology application and machine vision system as the core technology. The company integrates software development, product design and manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service. ", is committed to promoting the improvement of the application management level of artificial intelligence machine vision technology in China. It has become an industry leader in the field of application of automated intelligent equipment and advanced manufacturing industries, integrating process quality inspection, robot guidance, positioning, identification, information collection management and automated production line integration.

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        Guangzhou PuLisi Technology Co., Ltd.

        Address:(Guangzhou Headquarters) 2nd Floor, Building 22, Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute, No. 828, Maogang Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou